Mike Sopko is a Guitarist/Songwriter/Instrumentalist, from Cleveland, Ohio. A Solo artist and founding member of numerous bands including $pellcheck, Yellowstone Apocalypse, Glimpse Trio, Cascading Liquid Rainbows, And Then Came Humans, and The Golden Measure. Sopko has recorded and performed with musicians such as Bill Laswell, Dosh, Los Lobos, Thomas Pridgen, Dave King, Tyshawn Sorey, Hideo Yamaki and more. In addition, Sopko frequently performs solo, playing both original compositions, as well as unique arrangements of many popular covers. 



"Sopko, Laswell, Pridgen" (Mike Sopko, Thomas Pridgen, Bill Laswell)

"Cascading Liquid Rainbows" (Mike Sopko, Dosh, Hamir Atwal, Chris Lopes)

"Glimpse Trio" (Mike Sopko, Hamir Atwal, Chris Lopes) 

"The Golden Measure (Simon Lott, Mike Sopko

2017 Album Release's

"Inaugural Sound Clash" Hideo Yamaki, Bill Laswell, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Mike Sopko, Dominic James

"Yellowstone Apocalypse" Joe Tomino, Mike Sopko

2018 Album Release's 

Mike Sopko, Bill Laswell, Tyshawn Sorey "On Common Ground"  

$pellcheck "Municipal Stadium" - Mike Sopko/Dave King/Dosh 

Mike Sopko "Folly" 

And Then Came Humans "In Heat Wave"